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Orbit 0.5T

ORBIT is a heavy-duty motor drive counterbalanced crane with pivoting jib arm that allows the lifting of loads up to 500 kg, It is equipped with two fixed-wheel, a motor wheel on the driver’s side, and AGM batteries.

Easy to handle and move, this crane is ideal for placements of moulds and various loads over obstruction/barrier, on 3D machines, lathes, narrow openings, assembly lines, perimeter protections.

All motions of jib arm are at adjustable speed, for precise placements of delicate loads. Robust frame and side wheels for max stability. Removable bonnet for an easy maintenance.

Two-speed drive:

  • Tortoise button: slow motion
  • Hare button: fast motion

Safe drive: emergency reverse button and audible warning device.

Equipped with a 4-function distributor for:

  • Arm lifting
  • Arm lowering
  • Boom extension
  • Boom retraction
  • Controlled by a built-in lever.

Lowering occurs in off-mode.


  • Traction motor AC technology, regenerative braking
  • Motor wheel with permanent magnets, DC system 24V 700W
  • MOSFET transistor, high frequency, bidirectional.


  • CB350-HFhigh frequency monophasic input voltage 220V output voltage 24V
  • Lifting function blocked while recharging
  • Programmable recharge according to battery type
  • 3 led battery level indicator

Lifting of loads in line with Health and Safety international standards.

Safety valve on hydraulic system prevents falling of load in case of hose failure; relief valve in the pump prevents machine overloading.

Innovation, reliability, safety, accuracy are our core values. AxA was founded in 1985 and we have since specialised in constructing hydraulic presses and counterbalanced workshop cranes.

Thanks to our multi-year experience, we can produce technical solutions tailored to meet our customers’ special requirements.
We also build on that experience to develop new models, because we strongly believe in innovation. Before accessing the production phase and acquiring AxA mark our prototypes are rigorously tested.

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