Innovation, reliability, safety, precision, customization, service and assistance. These are the values of AxA: a company founded in 1985, specialized in the design and production of counterbalanced cranes and hydraulic presses. At AxA, Research and Development always start from the customer’s needs. Our designers are called upon to find solutions, backed by decades of know-how. After a careful examination of the prototypes and pre-series, our cranes and our hydraulic presses go into production. Only after rigorous testing will they be able to merit the AxA brand and reach the industries for which they are intended.

The long history of AxA is a confirmation of the typical quality of Italian products that is renewed over time. Over the years AxA has been chosen as a partner of numerous renowned companies in Italy and around the world. The historical link with leading brands of mechanics has led us to serve a very demanding clientele. AxA headquarter is located in the province of Bologna, along the historic Via Emilia just a few minutes from Imola. We are in the heart of the Italian Motor Valley, a land that boasts a centuries-old mechanical tradition, expressed at the highest levels in the automotive, medical, automation, mechatronics and packaging sectors. A land rich in technical schools of great value and many high quality laboratories. In this land our founders and our technicians were born and trained, absorbing day after day that blend of passion, technological culture and problem solving skills that have no equal in the world.

Continuous innovation to foster creativity and continuous improvement to stimulate our team to find the best solutions for customers and market needs.

Teamwork: every project in the AxA Group arises from the close collaboration of the entire team to achieve common goals and promote a positive work environment.

People at the heart of our work: we invest in employee development by providing continuous learning opportunities.

Integrity: We act honestly, transparently and ethically in all business interactions.

Customer Success: Our mission is to contribute to customer success and help them achieve their goals with our products.

Sustainability: research and use of recycled materials where possible to prevent the waste of potentially useful materials, ensuring greater sustainability of the production cycle and reducing the consumption of raw materials, use of energy and associated greenhouse gas emissions.

Respect for our distribution network: our business partners are global ambassadors of our brands and our sales team is dedicated to supporting, motivating and informing our distributors to maintain and grow a relationship of trust and collaboration.

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