30 tons of power for the Cangini buckets

We are in Australia, an excavator moves earth in a construction site on the outskirts of Sydney. The bucket points the mound of sand, slips into the small dune and with safe movements carries a part towards the cement mixer. That bucket, which works incessantly since the early hours of dawn, was made in Italy, near Forlì. We are in Australia, but we could be in South Africa, Chile, Russia ….
It is a 30-ton motorized hydraulic press, the one chosen by Cangini Benne di Sarsina (FC), a leading company in the production of equipment, quick couplings and buckets, designed and built in Italy and distributed in 40 countries worldwide.
The P30 AxA model has a robust, fully laser-cut construction without welds at the highest stress points. It is equipped with a 2-speed pump, one for quick approach at low pressure and one for high pressures, cylinder with spring return and pressure gauge as standard.

“The one by Cangini Benne is one of those beautiful stories of Italian ingenuity – tells Marco Marabini, director of AxA Group -, the story of two brothers who come from the workshop to export all over the world. For us it is a source of pride to be able to supply one of our hydraulic presses for one of their locations “.
We meet Davide Cangini, co-owner of the company, to whom we address some questions.

How did you get to know the AxA hydraulic presses?

“We bought a 50 ton AxA through an equipment dealer a few years ago I think in 2012 and we did not go for the thin, the machine worked” hard “and with few frills, never a loss of oil from the cylinder or from the distributor , never replaced the pump, never changed the cylinder sliding bearings on the upper upright.To date, the press still works perfectly.For this purchase we have decided to contact you directly “.

How was the need to purchase a hydraulic press? In which part of your workflow will the hydraulic press be used? For which tasks?

“It is used in the assembly area for quick couplings for the insertion of self-lubricating bushings, for which a compact and versatile machine like yours was needed”.

The press was delivered at the end of May, have you already had the opportunity to test it? What were the first findings?

“We put the car into work immediately because we had a noticeable increase in the production of quick attacks, which amounted to 250 units per week, and the result was excellent, which was in fact what we expected”.

From a business point of view, how were relationships with AxA Italia?

“Fast and clear answers, adequate delivery time, good value for money, but never enough, competitiveness, service, foresight, dedication are always more competitive.To win a race you need” the handle “means and a good place on the grid and personally I can confirm that you do not miss anything “.

Cangini Benne

The story of Cangini Bene begins at the end of the 80s as a workshop specialized in metallic carpentry. The first location, as often happens, is the home workshop of the Cangini brothers, in the rural area of ​​Pagno, in the heart of the Romagna Apennines. The two Cangini are young but have clear ideas, capture the signals of the market and understand that the sector needs innovation. Right from the start they devote themselves to the design and production of buckets for mini excavators, which in those years appeared on the market. It was in the 90s that the breakthrough was recorded, the Cangini brothers expanded production, the Cangini catalog was enriched with new products and offers the market what it needs: performing and cutting-edge solutions.

A new factory is acquired and the company headquarters moves to Sarsina, choosing to keep its roots in its territory.
2001 gave the company the first patent, winning the recognition of the sector press and rewarding the company’s commitment to innovation. In 2006 a new production plant came into operation at full capacity to respond to the increased demands of the market and the production area exceeds 2,500 square meters. The economic crisis affecting the entire world, and especially Italy, finds Cangini prepared and able to overcome this difficult phase, above all thanks to the strength of exports. In 2015 a new expansion is necessary: ​​this time a new office area. Inside, a space is reserved for the events room and technical courses: so the company strengthens its relationship with its customers.

The production capacity increases through a new production area dedicated to hydraulic equipment (2,400 square meters), as well as the efficiency of the company system through the principles of Industry 4.0. With the new water painting plant Cangini realizes the commitment to environmental protection.

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