An AxA countebalanced crane for Cefla Finishing

The new Cefla Finishing service and spare parts warehouse was inaugurated in May, a space specially designed to receive material from the production department (or third parties), store it and send it to end customers all over the world.

An AxA crane, model 01B5SE, has been operating in the warehouse for several weeks.

« We needed to move material – explains Daniele Gentilini, Cefla Finishing Purchasing Department – we initially thought about using a bridge crane, then, comparing ourselves with the operators, we decided to buy a crane, a cheaper and more flexible choice than a overhead crane, considering that it is used three or four times a day « .

The work process sees the forklifts recovering the parts from the shelves and the crane, set up with bands, lift the material and insert it into the boxes for packaging and shipping.

« For us it is the ideal solution, we have found the AxA crane on the internet, where we have been able to evaluate which model is best suited to our needs, after which we have moved to a local dealer, who was already our supplier ».

« Our cantilever cranes allow you to move a load of 500 kilos to a free overhang of 500 mm, » explains Marco Marabini, Director of AxA Italia -, and can reach an overhang of 1330 mm by lifting a load of 160 kilograms « .

The 01B5SE model is equipped with a four-function distributor, through the joystick it is possible to control the boom of the crane in the ascent, in the descent, in the advancement of the extension and in the retraction of the extension. The operator can adjust the speed of these four movements, according to specific needs. The crane has an unmissable ballast assembled on a steering wheel that allows a rotation of 360 °. In the steering wheel there is a lever that allows locking the crane in 8 different positions.

Cefla Finishing is the world leader in painting, decoration, digital printing of wood and its derivatives, designs and manufactures « turnkey » lines, mainly for the wood market. The expertise acquired on the market over the years and the high know-how achieved confirm Cefla Finishing as a reference point also in the forefront of technologies dedicated to the sectors of glass, plastic, fiber cement, composite materials and metal.

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