AxA attended the prestigious Richmond Logistic Forum

AXA attended the prestigious Richmond Logistic Forum, which has taken place in Gubbio from 24 to 26 October.

Richmond was founded in 2007 as a forum between supply and offer of industrial handling solutions.  It works by means of conferences, seminars and, above all, a rich agenda of meetings between pre-selected potential clients (delegates) and suppliers (exhibitors).

“We could not miss this opportunity – says Marco Marabini, AXA sales Manager – This Forum has been the ideal framework to develop our B2B marketing strategy. We introduced our range of Counterbalanced Cranes and Hydraulic Presses to leading Companies in the Italian market. We gained relevant contacts, which we trust will be fruitful in the very near future”

Here below the list of Companies we met:

  • Pedini Spa (Interior Design and Furniture)
  • Alfagomma Spa (hydraulic and Industrial equipment)
  • Tarkett Spa (Chemistry)
  • Gruppo La Doria (food, beverage, catering)
  • Ospedali Riuniti Marche Nord (Health and hospital equipment)
  • Novellini Spa (Interior Design and Furniture)
  • Relevi Spa (food, beverage, catering)
  • Electrolux Italia Spa (industrial equipment, household appliances)
  • 4G Retail Srl (business and trade services, IT)
  • Ariston Thermo Spa (industrial equipment, household appliances)
  • Fast Freight Marconi Spa (Transport and logistics )
  • Gruppo Mauro Saviola (industrial equipment, mechanics)
  • CNH Industrial (Agriculture, forestry, food…)
  • Baldi Home Jewels (Interior Design and Furniture)
  • Liomatic Spa (food, beverage, catering)
  • RCR Cristalleria Italiana (Interior Design, Furniture, glassware)
  • Caterpillar MEC-Track Srl (industrial equipment, mechanics)
  • Oberalp Spa (sport, hobbies, entertainment, arts, leisure )
  • Abrisud Italy Srl (sport, hobbies, entertainment, arts, leisure , business and trade services, infrastructure, safety )
  • Candy Hoover Group (industrial equipment, household appliances)
  • Tiberina solutions (automotive)
  • Rentokil Initial Italia Spa (business and trade services )
  • Virgin Active Italia (sport, hobbies, entertainment)
  • Selle Royal Spa (sport, hobbies, entertainment, arts)
  • Lunch Meeting (printing, labelling, packaging)

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