The garbage containers raised with counterbalanced cranes

We are used to see garbage bins being lifted, overturned and emptied by collection trucks. Yet, bins also get damaged and need to be taken to a service station for maintenance. Amia, the municipal multiservice company of Verona province, has enquired AXA to find a solution. We analyzed the clasp the bins are fitted with, and designed a special hook to fasten to it. We customized the crane as well (swivel crane mod. 01B5 electric lifting), to meet Amia’s requirement of 350 kg of capacity with 1000 mm of jib outreach, and increased max height by 200 mm.

Finally, for an easier rotation of the jib arm, we added two handles on the ballast case and two on the mast. We found the right solution with just a little adjustment to standard!

News and Case History

Omso, Another Succes Story From The Packaging Valley

Omso, Another Succes Story From The Packaging Valley Omso is a Company that well represents the “Packaging Valley”, an excellence of our Region. Omso was founded in 1952, and has branches in the US and Germany. It is the world leader in the production of automatic...

Mod. 01B5 to handle coils

Coils are semi-finished products of the steel industry. They are steel metal sheets that appear in the form of enormous coils.

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