GZ1000BSE Crane with fixed arm, electric lifting

Capacity 1000 Kg. Unmissable ballast. Swivel 360° cantilever crane. 4 function electrodistributor.

Max Capacity (Kg)

Max Height (mm)

Maximum rush (mm)

It is a ballasted cantilever crane that allows lifting loads up to 1000 kg.
Equipped with 2 fixed wheels Ø 250mm and 2 steering wheels Ø 200mm with brake on the steering rudder to allow an extreme maneuverability even at full load. The crane makes it possible to pick up the material located on the ground, on shelving or in containers and to move it directly on the machine tools or in other desired positions.

The hydraulic system is equipped with a blocking valve that prevents the load from falling if the pipe is accidentally broken.
Equipped with a relief valve that prevents overloading of the machine.

Equipped with 4-function distributor:

  • arm climb,
  • arm descent
  • advancement of the extension
  • return of the extension.

To the movement of the joystick lever in the positions of rising arm, extension feed and descending extension, the microswitches automatically activate the motor of the hydraulic unit that allows the movements of extreme precision and with progressive speed adjustable by the operator.
The descent takes place by fall (with safety devices) adjusted when the engine is off.

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