01B2P 360° Swivel crane

Capacity 200kg. Progressive ascent/descent.

Max Capacity (Kg)

Max Height (mm)

Maximum rush (mm)

The models 01B2 and 01B2P allow lifting and handling loads up to 200 kg. They are equipped with a hanging control panel with electric up and down arms and emergency stop commands. They are equipped with traction battery and battery charger.

Easily manoeuvrable thanks to the 360 ° rotation and the high-flow pivoting wheels with high smoothness with buffer supports and parking brakes, the lifting arm can be extended to 4 different positions.

The models 01B2 and 01B2P are not subject to periodic visits by Certification Authorities on the state of use and maintenance
(max load 200 kg).

It is available (optional) an extension that allows to increase the overhang up to a maximum length of 1360 mm.

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