01M2 360° Swivel crane

Capacity 200 Kg. 360° cantilever rotating crane with manual lifting.

Max Capacity (Kg)

Max Height (mm)

Maximum rush (mm)

The 01M2 model allows lifting and handling loads up to 200 kg.
Easily manoeuvrable thanks to the 360 ° rotation and pivoting wheels with high flow and high smoothness with bumper supports and parking brakes.

They are equipped with an extremely light double-acting hand pump which allows fast lifting.
A handwheel for lowering the arm positioned near the pump allows the adjustment of the descent speed, the arm can be extended to 4 different positions.

The 01M2 and 01M5 models do not require any certification or authorization for those who use them.
An extension extension accessory is available that allows to increase the overhang up to a maximum length of 1360 mm.

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