In Manchester to make agreements with Lift Safe Ltd

A short trip to Manchester (England) for our Sales Director Marco Marabini, who met the managers of Lift Safe Ltd, which exclusively distributes the AxA cantilever cranes in the UK.

“It is always important to see each other in person when possible – explains Marabini – sometimes we meet at trade shows, in other cases we go to visit the company directly, so as to share projects and objectives together”.

Lift Safe Ltd

Lift Safe Ltd sells handling equipment in the United Kingdom. It mainly supplies industries specialized in the production and distribution of food and beverages, in the pharmaceutical industry, in the chemical industry and in the logistics sector.

The garbage containers raised with counterbalanced cranes

The garbage containers raised with counterbalanced cranes We are used to see garbage bins being lifted, overturned and emptied by collection trucks. Yet, bins also get damaged and need to be taken to a service station for maintenance. Amia, the municipal multiservice...

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